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Family Office

Managing the Great Complexity That Comes with Significant Wealth

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Expertise Delivered Through a Suite of Tailored Services

Our advisors merge a unique blend of intellectual and emotional quotient to assist you in assembling a customized suite of services and tailored solutions designed to help simplify your life—from tax and estate planning, investment management, and philanthropic strategy to recommending and coordinating family counselors and risk management consultants. All delivered through an exceptional client experience and supported by our foundational Unmatched Client Service®.

We work with families through their complex estate, gift, and income tax planning needs and are dedicated to planning for and preserving their legacies. Across the range of wealth creators and families we’re honored to serve, we have a single, consistent observation: Each family is different. We recognize—and truly appreciate—that each has different points of intersection among their human, intellectual, and financial capital. These points are in continual motion as the family progresses through physical and emotional space along their journey as individuals and varying combinations of generational, family enterprise, and advisor relationships.

First seek to understand.

Each family views itself through a lens that encompasses its values, purpose, and vision toward legacy-spanning generations, as well as specific wealth and investment management contexts. It’s for this reason that our ethos is to first seek to understand and then to be understood—achieved through a disciplined process that offers deeper insights at each interaction. This is how we help families thrive across generations.

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